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OTERI is producer of chemical specialties covering a wide range of industries. Our product range includes industrial and institutionnal cleaners and disinfectants, metal cleaners, textile auxiliaries as well as a range of raw materials for the detergent industry.

We have a broad experience in formulating chemical specialties for various applications in a broad range of industries and institutions. We are committed at providing high quality products to our customers. Our products are aimed at improving quality and productivity, and bringing added value to our customers.

OTERI sal is specialized in the development, production, and distribution of chemical specialties in various segments of the industry. We are committed to provide the highest product quality in every industry segment we are working with. We choose our suppliers carefully to insure consistency and reliability in our production.

With our team of engineers, we provide our customers with the technical support necessary to implement our products in their operation so that they get all the benefits and added value that can be obtained.